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  • Nikola unveils the Tesla of Trucks

    "While other companies have recently announced battery-powered semi-trucks, those trucks are restricted to a range of only a couple hundred miles and four to eight hours of charging between stops," said Founder and CEO Trevor Milton.  "Nikola has engineered the holy grail of the trucking industry. We are not aware of any zero emission truck in the world that can haul 80,000 pounds more than 1,000 miles and do it without stopping.   Read More...

  • Making Tires Last

    How much are you willing to invest to make your tires last longer? There is no shortage of tools or strategies available to help prolong tire life, and thereby reduce tire costs, but are they worth the effort and expense?Maybe there comes a point along the cost/time/effort continuum where good enough is truly good enough.Some fleets do tires better than others. Many fleets with what some would call a bare minimum tire program seem satisfied with the results, while others never give up tinkering ...  Read More...