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  • Year End Tax Planning

    If you are like most owner operators, your fiscal year end coincides with the calendar year end - 12/31.  So in the midst of all the freight that you are moving this time of year, the last thing you want to be thinking about is Uncle Sam and Tax Bills.  We get that.   Read More...

  • Truckers’ Tax Tips & Truck Driver Tax Deduction Help

    There are are number of fees and expenses related to trucking that are tax deductible, and a well-organized trucker takes all tax deductions available. Drivers, when you’re doing taxes, don’t forget these deductions: Access Fees: Internet (Cell phone data plans) Satellite (Qualcomm, Sirius/XM) Administrative Fees: ATM Fees Check Reorder Fees Association Dues OOIDA, Teamsters, etc ComData/ComCheck Fees: Computer Software Credit Card Fees Cleaning Supplies: Window Cleaner Paper Towels RainX Intere...  Read More...