Richard from Texas

I like the fact that everything they said they would do was on point. No surprises, it was great working with an honest company

– Richard from Texas

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Leo from Michigan

I’m so thankful of what Big Rig Lending has done for me. My truck was done and I couldn’t get help from anyone else because of my credit score wasn’t very good. I was stuck but Big Rig Lending come through and paid my repair bills.  Now I’m on the road because of Big Rig Lending. Thanks so much Big Rig Lending

– Leo from Michigan

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Luis from New Jersey

I just wanna thank Big Rig Lending for helping me out with getting an in-frame overhaul done on my 2001 Freightliner Classic. The paperwork process was simple. 2 thumbs up

– Luis from New Jersey

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Albert from Pennsylvania

Awesome effort by Morgan and her team for getting me back on track. Big Rig Lending really came through for me at a difficult time. Not only did they get me moving forward with my repairs, they were able to significantly reduce my anxiety, highly recommend. Thank you Big Rig Lending and special thanks to Morgan for her gallant effort and completion

– Albert from Pennsylvania

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Raeshawn from Illinois

Big Rig Lending came through when I most needed it. No hassle, quick & easy approval plus Tanya G was extremely helpful. Thanks Big Rig Lending!

– Raeshawn from Illinois

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Jose from Texas

I was blessed to have been referred to Big Rig Lending. I was in a bind and didn’t know who to turn to when my Volvo ended up at the shop. From the second I called I was able to get funded to pay for the shop repairs. It was an easy process too. Thank you for allowing me to keep on Rolling!

- Jose from Texas

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Jeremy from Indiana

I was satisfied with the communication of the company, they work closely with you one on one, and they are very thorough

-Jeremy from Indiana

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Chad from Ohio

It was a pleasure working with Big Rig, they helped me out when no one else wanted to. I will definitely use them again in the future

-Chad from Ohio

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William from Wisconsin

I will always choose Big Rig Lending. They keep their promise and they're fully professional. They're like family. Thank you Big Rig Lending.

- William from Wisconsin

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Lewis from Texas

Throughout the whole process everyone was honest and that is what is appreciated. No hidden fees

- Lewis from Texas

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Saridania from Texas

Nobody wanted to lend us money for our engine overhaul repair because we were a new company. Morgan from Big Rig Lending decided to trust us and went out of the way to help us. They saved our company. We will forever be thankful to Big Rig Lending.

- Saridania from Texas

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Darrin from Texas

I needed capital to launch my authority. I took a loan with Big Rig Lending and they came through on time.

- Darrin from Texas

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Gregory from South Carolina

The team is great and easy to work with. They are very fast on paperwork and funding. It's my second loan with them and it won't be my last.

- Gregory from South Carolina

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G. Warner from Georgia

You guys were terrific. Very professional, friendly and fair most of all. I never felt like I was getting a bad deal just because I was in a tight spot.

– G. Warner from Georgia

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Barry from Oregon

This day and age, it seems everybody is out to take advantage of the small independent. When you find a company that truly cares about your well being, you make them a permanent business partner. Big Rig Lending bent over backwards for me, and had me funded faster than anybody in my trucking career. Amazing people! And by far, the best program out there for truckers trying to keep their wheels rolling.

- Barry from Oregon

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Richard from Missouri

I give 'em 100 stars. They were great and did everything they said they would. Everyone was great and they walked me through the process. 1-2-3, it was that easy. Thanks Big Rig Lending, you saved my business.

- Richard from Missouri

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