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Big Rig Lending: Keeping You Behind the Wheel



Cash flow to keep you on the go.

Whether it’s a break down, tire replacement, taxes or insurance and you need money fast to cover the costs—call Big Rig. If you’re an owner-operator, we’ll get you back on the road with a commercial truck loan for up to $15,000 in as little as 48 hours.

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We offer commercial truck loans for all commercial vehicles: semi trucks, big rigs, tractor trailers, car haulers, box trucks, platform trucks, dump trucks, delivery trucks, heavy haulers… you name it.


States we are servicing online – Transaction documents are executed electronically.

California - Transaction documents are executed electronically. Loans are made or arranged by Big Rig Lending of California, LLC pursuant to a California Financing Law License.

States that we are not servicing online at this time – Transaction documents must be executed within the state of Georgia. We have 21 closing offices available for your convenience.

Working Capital
Working Capital

When you need working capital to keep the wheels and your business on the road, you need someone you can trust—especially when the cash or credit isn’t there. Big Rig will lend you the money to keep you rolling, with a repayment plan that works for you.

Truck Repairs
Truck Repairs

Brakes, electrical, fuel or cooling system, engine, or hubs and bearings, whatever the problem, Big Rig can lend on any repair. We'll pay the repair shop directly. This eliminates any hassles or delays. You’re on the road and back in business.


Repairing or replacing tires is a recurring expense. One that can exceed several thousand dollars a year. If things are tight, Big Rig will lend you the money. We can send you a check or have the money deposited to your bank account electronically. You’ll be up and running before you know it.

Taxes and Insurance
Taxes & Insurance

Taxes and insurance can be expensive and unexpected. The average federal tax rate for owner-operators is 25%. We can help with insurance premiums or down payments that can run several thousand dollars a year. If you find yourself short, Big Rig is with you for the long haul. We’ll help you cover those costs so you can cover more miles on the road.



10 Minutes

Call 1-844-624-4744. Just 10 minutes on the phone and 4 photos to determine how much money you can get.

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1. A photo of your driver’s license.

Driver's License

Photo must clearly show license number, name, expiration date and state.

2. A photo of your truck.


Must be a clear photo of the truck. Photo does not have to include any trailers.

3. A photo of your truck’s odometer.


Photo must clearly show odometer with the vehicle's total mileage.

4. A photo of your truck's title.

Certificate of Title

Or a photo showing the VIN.

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We've provided financing for all sorts of repairs, insurance, IRP taxes, and more. We’ve done it fast and put a lot of happy customers back on the road. From “Rock City” to the “Windy City,” “Guitar Town” to “Cow Town,” Big Rig is there when you need us with the semi truck loan you need to get you back in business.

Note: Vehicles displayed below are NOT FOR SALE.

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  • "I was satisfied with the communication of the company, they work closely with you one on one, and they are very thorough"
    -Jeremy from Indiana
  • "It was a pleasure working with Big Rig, they helped me out when no one else wanted to. I will definitely use them again in the future"
    -Chad from Ohio
  • "I will always choose Big Rig Lending. They keep their promise and they're fully professional. They're like family. Thank you Big Rig Lending."
    - William from Wisconsin
  • "Definitely help out when no one else would"
    - Twon from Wisconsin
  • "Throughout the whole process everyone was honest and that is what is appreciated. No hidden fees"
    - Lewis from Texas
  • "Nobody wanted to lend us money for our engine overhaul repair because we were a new company. Morgan from Big Rig Lending decided to trust us and went out of the way to help us. They saved our company. We will forever be thankful to Big Rig Lending."
    - Saridania from Texas
  • "I needed capital to launch my authority. I took a loan with Big Rig Lending and they came through on time."
    - Darrin from Texas
  • "The team is great and easy to work with. They are very fast on paperwork and funding. It's my second loan with them and it won't be my last."
    - Gregory from South Carolina
  • "You guys were terrific. Very professional, friendly and fair most of all. I never felt like I was getting a bad deal just because I was in a tight spot."
    – G. Warner from Georgia
  • "Helped me get my first truck. Thanks Morgan!" 
    – Edward from Pennsylvania
  • "It was a big help for my business and Big Rig Lending made it so easy and quick. I loved it." 
    - Mohammed from Florida
  • "This day and age, it seems everybody is out to take advantage of the small independent. When you find a company that truly cares about your well being, you make them a permanent business partner. Big Rig Lending bent over backwards for me, and had me funded faster than anybody in my trucking career. Amazing people! And by far, the best program out there for truckers trying to keep their wheels rolling."
    - Barry from Oregon
  • "I give 'em 100 stars. They were great and did everything they said they would. Everyone was great and they walked me through the process. 1-2-3, it was that easy. Thanks Big Rig Lending, you saved my business."
    - Richard from Missouri
  • "Big Rig came through when other companies couldn't execute what they said they could. A huge asset for BR and us is Tanya. Within hours we had an offer, 24 hours later we were funded. Excellent service, perfect experience, and a business saving!"
    - Joshua from New Mexico
  • "In my time of need, Big Rig Lending helped us out! We were able to fix our truck and get it running again. Thank you Big Rig, you're the best!"
    - Thomas from South Carolina
  • "We were in a real jam and didn’t see a way out until we happened to run across an ad on the internet. At first, we thought it sounded too good to be true, and come to find out, it was both good AND true! We are so thankful that Big Rig Lending was there to work with us and help us get our truck out of the shop. Even the process was painless."
    - Erick from Kansas
  • "Borrowing money is never the ideal situation to be in, but the folks at Big Rig Lending made the process smooth and easy. These guys are professional and very helpful in your time of need. Thanks again Garrett!"
    – Donald from Texas
  • "I was definitely satisfied with the excellent service and hard work to get my loan done fast. Roark definitely understood what I needed as an independent owner operator! Big Rig Lending is all about truckers!"
    - Jennifer from Arkansas
  • "Big Rig Lending exceeded my expectations. They are fast, friendly, and consistent. Five star customer service! Our consultant Peter is the best!"
    – Bobby from South Carolina
  • "Big Rig’s reps are very friendly and respectful. Peter worked quickly and informed us of all the steps to be taken in order to make a loan work. There were NO surprises at closing. Their rates are very competitive. We will definitely use Big Rig in the future should we need emergency funds."
    – Will from Florida
  • "I am on my second loan through Big Rig. My truck likes to give me a hard time so it’s nice to have them there when I need them." 
    - Jeffrey from Florida
  • "Big Rig Lending came through in a major way. Easy financing process, no hidden fess and superior customer service. You speak to real people, they speak the truth and not off of a script. I was truly impressed. I highly recommend this company if you ever find yourself in a tough situation."
    – Jeremy from Washington
  • "They were very nice and easy to work with. As soon as I gave them all the information they required, my check was there the very next day." 
    – David from Ohio 
  • "I found Big Rig to be faster than the other places I was working with and had a better rate. All in all I’m happy. Thanks Big Rig!" 
    – Robin from Oregon 
  • "The whole experience from end to end was easy. The help that I got from Garrett and everybody else was phenomenal and I would recommend them to anyone who needs help." 
    – Keith from California
  • "Big Rig Lending understands trucking. The loan officer and everyone else went above and beyond to get me what I needed to get rolling."
    – Robert from Ohio
  • "During a stressful time when our truck had a major breakdown, it was nice to know we had option. We had our truck repaired and delivered the load. Our representative, Tanya, was wonderful and explained the process and made me feel she really cared about getting us back on the road. Thank you."
    – Javier from California
  • "Great people, very nice and will help you get back on the road."
    – Chad from Georgia
  • "I would like to tell every driver who is an owner operator that has a family and depends on your truck to provide for them that Big Rig Lending will be there for you when you need them the most, so don’t think when your truck is down that you don’t have a friend because they are family and they will help." 
    – Lajuan from Alabama
  • "Customer service is on point. Fast service and the people are really nice to talk to. I would definitely come back again if needed." 
    – Latricia from Texas
  • "I really had no idea how I could get money to get me the repairs needed for my bus but Tanya (my guardian angel) made this process so easy. She was honest and upfront that I may not qualify for the amount requested but the amount that she said I could get, was in my account the next day! After being told no so many times, Big Rig Lending made my dreams come true. " 
    – Tracey from Florida
  • "Totally shocked how Big Rig Lending responded to me, not one negative. Even if I had been denied, great integrity all around. Thanks BRL." 
    – Elton from Louisiana
  • "We were in need and Big Rig Lending steps in and made our process easy. Big Rig Lending is the way to go!" 
    – Curtis from Georgia
  • "We are a new company; our rig had everything in place in order to start working, everything but fuel. Thanks to Big Rig Lending, three days later, we are hauling our third load." 
    – Amanda from North Carolina
  • "So normally I don’t do these. This time I had to. I was in a real spot. I needed funds for my insurance down payment. No one would give me a chance or a straight answer. I call Big Rig Lending and spoke with Garrett. He was honest and straight to the point. He responded when I needed him to and worked very quickly to get me funded. I couldn’t ask for more. Thanks again." 
    – Thomas from New Jersey
  • "My wife will be running teams with me soon, so I wanted everything in perfect condition since she’s an inexperienced driver to have peace of mind. Thanks to you guys I was able to move forward with bring her on board. Garrett Mathews stayed in communication with me till the deal was completed. I received my money as said and advertised. Never have done this before and I was hesitant at first, but nothing changed besides using my title. I will be using them again in future." 
    – Cornellus from North Carolina
  • "They helped me get back on the road and did not give me a lot of hem hawing around. They just took care of business. Very Professional." 
    - Robert from Illinois
  • "I had the privilege of working with Garrett. He was absolutely wonderful to work with. He worked quickly in getting loan processed and was always available to answer any questions." 
    – Robert from Virginia
  • "Thanks Big Rig Lending for all your help and for having a down to earth friendly environment. I was so overwhelmed by it I gave the name and number to a friend. Thanks." 
    – David from Kentucky
  • "Fast, easy, and convenient! Working with Fletcher was great. Couldn’t ask for anyone more professional, courteous, and friendly! Great experience!" 
    – Chris from Ohio
  • "The funding specialist Niki was very helpful and made me feel very comfortable with the whole process and because of her and the rest of the team over at Big Rig Lending, I would recommend the service to anyone looking for good people to work with for their lending needs."
    -Eiko from Illinois
  • "B.R.L. came through when I needed them. Their consultant could not have been more helpful. I give them a big 10." 
    – Don from Alabama 
  • "I had found Big Rig Lending online. It was fast and quick. Don’t get tricked by other lenders." 
    – Allman from Georgia
  • "I’m a proud owner operator, but having your own rig can be frustrating, especially if you have back-to-back breakdowns. Maintenance was putting me out of business and my previous lender refused to pay the total repair bill. My wife discovered Big Rig and I have to admit I was skeptical at first. But she insisted that I call, and boy was I wrong. Tanya was the agent assigned to my case and this wonderful human being treated my wife and me with the upmost respect and dignity. Wow! I thank my LORD AND SAVIOR CHRIST for Big Rig. I recommend if you’ve been rejected, call Big Rig. They will not let you down. GOD BLESS Big Rig."
    - Rickey from Georgia
  • "Very friendly. Simple streamlined process. Reps were very patient with me. I faced a few obstacles but were ready to wait for me to sort out the issues and finally close. Thank you for being so understanding"
    - Peter from Florida
  • "I had a problem at first with the dealer and was unsure I wanted to go thru with the deal and Tanya Garza was on my side the entire process. I was so impressed with her service, she went way above and beyond to make sure I was ok with my purchase. Not once did she treat me as if I was just a contract and I thank her for that. She is definitely an asset to Big Rig Lending. Even more impressive, I live 4.5 hours away from where I purchased my vehicle and she sent me a text message asking if I made it home ok. WOW! I really don’t think nothing else can be said about this young woman and her customer service skills."
    - Edgar from Georgia
  • "When you really need to fix your truck, Big Rig Lending is there for you to get you back rolling again!"
    - Bobby from Florida
  • "Unbelievably comfortable institution to work with! Finally a funding company that got it right for truckers! My new Best Friends! I highly recommend Big Rig Lending!"
    - Louis from Connecticut
  • "Tanya was awesome! She was very upfront and explained everything very clearly. She also answered the phone every time I called."
    - Jose from Texas
  • "I want to thank you all, because now I can get back to work in going through this process, I understand where I went wrong as being an owner operator."
    – Gary from North Carolina
  • "My husband and I had been looking for a loan to do a repair for a few months and kept running into the same problems. Either not enough credit, credit not good enough, or needing to pay a huge down payment to get the loan, but when we found Big Rig Lending they helped us as soon as we could get them everything they needed. We got our money the next day and the truck was in the shop the next day." 
    – Morgan from Georgia
  • "It is a difficult time for small businesses. I was very fortunate to encounter this company. Because of this company, we can truly make a profitable business. I highly recommend Big Rig Lending." 
    – Christopher from Georgia
  • "They really came thru for me at my time of need. Can’t believe how quickly and efficiently the service was and I am very grateful for the specialist Niki. She is outstanding." 
    – Steven from Missouri
  • "Big Rig Lending helped pull us through a really tough time. We didn’t know where to turn. We found them online and when we made the first phone call it was a go. With their very fast and friendly staff and straight forward process we had the money the very next day. They made us feel like family. I’m so glad we found Big Rig Lending because they made a Big impression on us."
    - Lydia from Florida
  • "Niki was very helpful to me. I thank her for bending over backward to do what I needed done so I can get back on the road. Thank you very much."
    - Anna from Arkansas
  • "At first I was uneasy with the process because it was very simple and easy, but once done and complete, I said 'Wow!' Thanks Big Rig!"
    - Kevin from Ohio
  • "I called numerous semi lending companies and Big Rig Lending is the only one that didn’t make me feel like a criminal. The process was easy and fast. They also gave me the best rate. I will make them my first choice when in need. Thanks for your service."
    - Marco from Tennessee
  • “Big Rig Lending was able to fund my engine replacement and the process was unbelievably painless. Very, very awesome service personnel. Honest decent lenders who actually want to help you get back on the road. Thanks Big Rig Lending without you I would have had to close my Antifreeze recycling business I started in 1993” 
    - Bryan from Georgia
  • "Big Rig Lending turned out to be the easiest company we’ve ever worked with and we could not be more pleased! The entire process was straight forward without jumping through dozens of hoops or needing a law degree to decipher the terms. Honestly, had I not found Big Rig, we might not have been able to move forward with expanding our business so yep, they’re highly recommended. Oh, and customer service….seriously, these guys are awesome. Niki was friendly, efficient and totally down to earth; same with Jonathan. These folks are the real deal, y'all." 
    - Lee from Florida
  • “It was comforting to know that there is a company like Big Rig Lending around to bring some relief to my financial burden. It’s hard to find support in this industry so having a relationship with Big Rig Lending is priceless.” 
    - Darrell from South Carolina
  • “I was very pleased how fast they were able to get me approved for the loan” 
    – Julius from Georgia
  • "I wanted to thank you and Ms. Phillips for the prompt and precise assistance provided throughout allocating financial assistance. Ms. Phillips especially her ability to make such a process of allocating every ingredient in order to make such financial assistance easier was by far an A+ experience. Especially when an Owner Operator can become a bit under the weather throughout such financial experience. The prompt and professional experience provided by both Ms. Phillips and your organization has proven to be an exceptional one of a kind. Thank you very much for such professional assistance and hope to continue on spreading such positive experience across our interstates." 
    - Gerardo from New Hampshire
  • "This place was awesome. Very professional and pleasant to work with. Would definitely recommend anyone I know. Thanks again Big Rig Lending."
    - Johnnie from Texas
  • "My bizz was in a jam. Big Rig Lending helped me and my family out. Great service. Low payments…. thanks!"
    - Roger from Florida
  • "BRL made me feel confident and secure about the process, especially Niki. Outstanding service from everybody!"
    - John from Texas
  • "I’d been turned down by lending companies for months. When my engine dropped a ring after my transmission needed a rebuild and taxes needed paying, I knew I was in a tight spot. Big Rig Lending came through and got me the cash I needed to keep a repair from turning into a catastrophic failure."
    - Michael from Michigan
  • "Garrett was great! He was able to answer any and all questions I had as a new business owner."
    - Kathy from Georgia
Man repairing the engine of a big rig truck.


If you repair big rigs, give us a call. Big Rig is looking for affiliates like you. Refer any owner-operators to us for a commercial truck loan and you receive a $100 referral fee, once we complete the transaction. Be sure to ask one of our funding specialists for details.