You Drive. We Give.

Big Rig realizes the importance of giving back to the community. We are good stewards and have a genuine desire to help people and organizations. Through a partnership with ACTS Outreach Ministries, we support a number of organizations and ministries within our community and state, as well as around the world. Here's a list of those organizations and a brief description of what they do to help others.

The Big Oak ministry grew out of a desire to give hurting children a chance. John Croyle, Founder, played football at the University of Alabama under legendary coach, Paul “Bear” Bryant. Faced with the most important decision of his life—whether to play professional football or start a children’s home—John established Big Oak Boy’s Ranch in 1974. In 1988, after a 12-year old girl who they had tried to rescue from abusive parents was beaten to death, the Girl’s Ranch was built in her honor and memory.

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On Point is a youth development organization founded in 1991 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It began as an abstinence-centered program in response to an alarming number of teenage pregnancies. Today, On Point partners with schools and communities to cultivate the strengths in youth and guide them on the path to successful and rewarding futures. They provide youth with the knowledge and the on-going support they need to avoid risky behaviors by equipping them with the skills needed to thrive.

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"The Refuge” is committed to leaving a better world for our children. Headquartered in Cleveland, Tennessee, the organization works to combine the knowledge, resources and passion for a better community, which leads to a better world for our children. This requires effort, vision, and commitment to address the personal, social, and structural issues that stand as barriers to sustainable living. It’s all about empowering those who find themselves in difficult economic and social situations so they can create sustainable and successful futures.

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This organization is committed to preventing youth from going to prison and preventing inmates from returning to prison once they have been released. They achieve their goal through prevention programs that offer life-skills seminars, which result in lower incarceration rates among youth and lower recidivism rates among inmates. The primary goal is to prevent inmates from returning to prison by sharing the life changing message of Jesus Christ. It is the transformation of the heart and mind that equips one to succeed in life.

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PCL (People for Care and Learning) is a community for good. The organization believes that all people deserve the chance for a better future. From Southeast Tennessee to Southeast Asia, they implement replicable projects that give hope to communities. PLC’s Children’s Homes not only address the physical needs of children but foster love, security and family. Their sustainable farming is a series of micro-enterprise projects designed to create self-sufficiency, responsibility and growth in multiple villages in Cambodia. Farming initiatives include a Rice Bank, a Mushroom Project, pig farming, a fish farm, farmer education, and more.

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Friends of Samaritan’s Place (FSP) is an organization devoted to orphaned, abandoned, and neglected children in the Philippines. The primary purpose of this devoted group of people is to fulfill its mission of “building hope and a future,” by providing high quality care and services for these children; marginalized communities; and families seeking to adopt. FSP consists of a diverse and dynamic network of friends volunteering their time, skills and resources to develop communities that solve economical/social problems and serve as advocates/agents in legal adoption.

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