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Keep up to date on current issues, changing regulations, maintenance and repair tips, technology for the road, and many other useful subjects. You’ll also be able to keep up with all the latest news and developments at Big Rig through our blog posts. Whether we add new products or add a new member to the team, you can find out about it right here.

  • Hero Driver Saves Unconscious Young Mother… By Letting Her Crash Into Him

    A young mother got in an accident when an oil truck driver in front of her intentionally caused her to crash into him. But she’s not mad. In fact, she says that the oil truck driver is an “angel.”

  • Movin' Out

    BRL is front page news in the June issue of MOVIN’ OUT. Read the story of a company that’s not only on the move but is here for truckers who need cash in a hurry to get them back on the road. You have their word on it.

  • Inflation is coming to the US economy on an 18-wheel flatbed

    While broader inflation gauges have been restrained, price pressures are building in the freight and cargo industry.Demand is surging from firms looking for trucks to carry their loads, with some gauges up more than 100 percent on a year-over-year basis.Inflation is showing up elsewhere as well, with a New York Fed indicator at its highest level since 2006.Investors and policymakers have gone looking for inflation over the past decade and largely have come up empty.It could, however, come barrel...

  • Truck Driver Leaves Roland Waitress $2,000 Tip

    Photo via 5 News KFSMA waitress at 4 Star Diner in Roland, Oklahoma received a hefty tip of $2,000 from a Mississippi truck driver on Sunday (May 13).After moving to Roland, Brenda Pearson has been working as a waitress at the diner and on Mother's Day she waited on a customer who placed a to-go order she'll never forget. He ordered a cheeseburger."It actually got made wrong first and I said well, it`s not correct, it needed two patties, but we fixed it and got it all ready," B...

  • Semi truck carrying $800K in dimes crashes off I-15 northeast of Las Vegas

    A semi truck carrying $800,000 in dimes crashed into a guard rail on I-15 northeast of Las Vegas and rolled over Tuesday, spilling the dimes onto the side of the road.Nevada Highway Patrol says the tractor trailer was heading south Tuesday on I-15 near Glendale when it hit the guard rail at about 3:30 a.m.The truck, which was contracted by the U.S. Treasury Department, left the paved road and rolled onto its side. The trailer's load broke open, and several thousand dimes spilled onto the gro...

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