Big Rig Lending Celebrates Truck Driver Appreciation Week September 11-18th

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In the 1980's, the country music group Alabama had a hit song called 40 hour week.  The lyrics of the song echo how we at Big Rig Lending feel about truck drivers.

Here's some of those lyrics:

There are people in this country who work hard every day
Not for fame or fortune do they strive
But the fruits of their labor are worth more than their pay
And it's time a few of them were recognized

This is for the one who drives the big rig, up and down the road
Or the one out in the warehouse, bringing in the load
Or the waitress, the mechanic, the policeman on patrol
For everyone who works behind the scenes

With a spirit you can't replace with no machine
Hello America let me thank you for your time

Big Rig Lending thanks you for your time, your effort, and your contributions to making America great. Without truck drivers, we wouldn't have food on table, gas in our cars, houses to live in, stoves to cook on, clothes to wear on our back, or roads to drive on.  

In honor of Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we are providing a special gift to our new customers between Sept 11th and Sept 18th, 2016.

You can choose from one of the following Premium gifts when you close a transaction with Big Rig Lending during Truck Driver Appreciation week:

Heavy Duty Flashlight

Carhardt Travel Bag


Thank you - Truck Driver, Owner-Operator, Backbone of America!!!  You work more than 40 hours a week for a living, just to send it on down the line.

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