Veteran's Day in America

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November 11th.  Veteran's Day in America.  A day to remember the positive impact our veterans have had on our country over the last 200+ years.  Men and women that have fought and served in a revolutionary war, a civil war, and two world wars.  Men and women that have served in Vietnam, Korea, the Persian Gulf and places around the world.  Men and women that have sacrificed in so many ways, across so many continents, to bring us the freedoms we get to enjoy on a daily basis.  Just last week, our nation went to the polls and voted.  We have that privilege in America because of veterans who fought to preserve and protect that right.  

I know that many of you, drivers and owner operators, have also served our nation in the armed forces.  Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and the Coast Guard.  And many of you have served in the National Guard as well.  You served your country well while in the military, and you continue to serve your country well on a daily basis by transporting good across the roads of this great nation.  

At Big Rig Lending, we want to pause and say "Thank You."  Thank You for all that you did.  And Thank You for all that you do.

The Team at Big Rig have a true connection to, and appreciation of, our military and our veterans.  Here's just a sample of some of our employee connections:

  • A Nephew who graduated from West Point that is currently serving at Fort Hood in Texas

  • A Grandfather that served in the army in Germany and Japan in World War II

  • An Uncle who received the Silver Star and Purple Heart for his service in Vietnam, and is inducted into the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame

  • A Cousin serving in the military police in Washington DC area

  • A Father who was stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma and who served in Okinawa

  • A Dad, Nephew and Niece that served in the Marine Corps

  • A Cousin who is an Army veteran who served in Afghanistan

  • A Grandfather and Stepfather who served in the National Guard

We pause today and honor the service of our Veterans.  From Big Rig Lending, we want to say Thank You and God Bless You for your service.  You served, so we can be free.

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