Credit Score Killer: #3 — Cell Phones, Cable, and Satellite TV

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When you think about credit scores, do you think about Cable TV? Or Satellite TV? Unless it is an advertisement for Credit Karma or, you probably have never thought about the connection between your cable service and your credit report.

However, we frequently see charges owed to these companies that show up on the credit reports of our applicants. Sometimes the amounts are small ($75 or $100) and other times they can go up to $500 or more depending on whether or not equipment was returned properly.

We understand that no one likes to pay for service that they are no longer using. We understand that people move and get locked into a long term contracts that they don't want to pay for. The last thing anyone wants to do is throw good money after bad. But how do you calculate the long term cost of a Credit Score Killer like an unpaid cell phone bill? Could it be worth paying the $75 or $100 and getting the issue off your credit so that your score can go back up?

 Couple of suggestions here to avoid this Credit Score Killer:

  • Avoid long term contracts when possible for cable/cell phones/satellite service. Try to negotiate on the front end the shortest contract possible. In the competitive world of cell phones and TV, companies will negotiate if you ask.

  • Transfer service if you move rather than cancelling service all together.

  • Try to negotiate reduced settlements with these carriers, and then pay the settlement and get it off your credit report. Go online and try to find out the best way to negotiate a settlement, especially before it is turned over to collections.

Don't let this Credit Score Killer be a "buzzing bee" that bothers you every time you apply for a new loan. 

Swat this "Credit Score Killer" and be done with it!!!

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