Big Rig Lending "Building Bridges"

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In the world of corporate finance, "Bridge" loans are an effective tool that Fortune 500 companies have used for years.  There is nothing particular fancy about a "bridge" loan.  It is just a loan facility that bridges the gap between two important events.  With an individual consumer, one might get a bridge loan to cover the gap between the buying of one house and the selling of another.  In the business world, a company needs a $100,000 to buy inventory today at rock-bottom prices, but won't be able to sell that inventory for another 6 months.  That company needs a short-term bridge loan to fill that gap.  Banks and other lending institutions have done bridge loans for years and it is an effective way to help businesses grow and become more profitable.

In many ways, this is what Big Rig Lending does for its customers on a daily basis.  We build bridges.  An Owner Operator has a delay in payment from one of its customers.  There are taxes to pay.  Or repairs to make on the truck.  An Owner Operator can't sit and wait for the payment to come in.  He has to get on the road.  If he isn't moving, he isn't making any money.  

This is where Big Rig Lending can step in.  In as little as 48 hours, Big Rig can lend up to $15,000 on your Big Rig.  Big Rig can provide you that "bridge" loan to get from Point A to Point B.  It is a quick, easy, and affordable means of bridging those short-term financial gaps that every Owner Operator experiences.  And the loan can be fully repaid at any time saving excess interest costs.

Let Big Rig bridge the financial gap for you, and help you get back on the road again. 


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